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ShangHai SPV Special Vehicle Co., Ltd. is a professional and leading special purpose vehicle manufacturer in China. We produce varieties of special vehicles, such as water tank truck, fuel/oil tank truck, chemical liquid tank truck, dump truck, truck mounted crane, concrete mixer truck, aerial platform truck, bulk powder tanker truck, asphalt/bitumen truck, sewage vacuum truck, septic(fecal) suction truck, garbage truck, road wrecker, fire fighting truck, refrigerator wagon, tractor, trailers, semi-trailers for oil, asphalt, bulk powder, container, LNG transportation, Low bed ,tipper, skeleton semi trailer, etc., which are widely used in environment and sanitation, virescence, architecture, transportation, oil mining and many other fields.

With more than 10 years' producing experience, we have shipped our vehicles to many countries worldwide ---- Angola, Algeria, Nigeria, Congo, Gambia, Ghana, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Tanzania, Mali, Niger, Namibia, Jordan, Qatar, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Myanmar, Vietnam, Chile, Trinidad, etc.

The chassis we are producing with are :

The engines available are :

Abundant experience on international tenders: 

We have abundant experience on international tenders. We have won many international projects and delivered vehicles successfully such as below:

Project 5:   Ministerio del Poder Popular (Ministry of People's Power)
                    para Transporte Terrestre y Obras Publicas (For ground transportation and public works)
                    Corpo logistica (Logistics Corporation.)

                    Item:  Agua Camion Cisterna (Water Tanker)
                    Quantity: 450 units

                    Executing year: 2014 ~ 2015

Project 4:    Invitation for Tender No: 02/2011-2012
                    Tender package No.GD7

                     Item:  Truck Mounted Vacuum Cleanerwith Sweeping Broom
                     Quantity: 6 units

                     Executing year: 2013

Project 3:   
Tender package No. :LGED/NOTM/12/G-04
                     Item: Truck –Mounted Vacuum Cleaner (Sewage)
                     Quantity: 7 units

                     Executing year: 2012  

Project 2:    Tender package No.: LGED/NOTM/12/G-03
Item: Hydraulic Beem Lifters (8-9 m working height)
                     Quantity: 9 units

                     Executing year: 2012

Project 1:    Japanese Grant Water Tank Truck, ETC. For Program for Emergency Water Supply
                     For Addressing Climate Change in the Republic of Mozambique 
Crown Agents' Reference: BJ/MZE01/11236/011-01
                     Quantity: 14 units 
                     (2 units of stainless-steel potable water tankers,  
                      2 units of industrial water tankers,
                      2 units of fuel tankers,
                      8 units of truck mounted cranes.)
                      Executing year: 2011


Clients we have been serving: