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Generator Truck DONGFENG
200 KW Mobile Genset Truck
Generator Truck DONGFENG

Generator truck (also called mobile genset truck, power supply truck, truck mounted generator, mobile generator vehicle, mobile genset truck, power generator truck, vehicle mounted electricity generator, etc) is used to supply electricity power to the place/ situation which could not bear accidently power off, such as communications station, military actions, emergency rescue, etc.
Power van service truck equips with world famous CUMMINS diesel generator and motor, powerful and durable.
The van body has noise reduction treatment, so it could keep noise under 75 Db(A) / 1m or 80 Db(A) / 1m (400 KW generator).
Operation environment:
Altitude:  <1000 m
Temperature: -10°~40℃(Generator could be adjusted according to its characteristic when temperature lower or higher than rated temperature.)
Relative Humidity: ≤90%


---- Dongfeng chassis, perfect performance.
---- CUMMINS engine(American brand), super powerful; reliable performance.
---- World famous Cummins diesel generator and motor, powerful and durable.
---- Noise reduction van body.
---- Roof fire extinguisher system to guard safety.
---- Massive, durable, long service life.


Generator Truck DONGFENG (200 KW)
General Vehicle Brand SPV
Chassis Brand ISUZU
Overall Dimension 8800 * 2500 * 3700 mm
GVW / Kerb Weight 16,000kg / 14,200 kg
Cab Cab Capacity 2 persons allowed
Air Conditioner Equipped
Engine Fuel Type Diesel
Engine Brand CUMMINS Engine
Power 190 Ps (140 KW)
Displacement 5900 ml
Emission Standard Euro III
Chassis Drive Type 4X2, left hand drive
Transmission 9-speed forward, 1 reverse
Wheelbase/No. of axle 4700 mm / 2
Tyre Specification 9.00-20
Tyre Number 6 tyres and 1 spare tyre
Max Speed 90 km/h
Paint Metallic paint
Superstructure Diesel Generator Brand / Model CUMMINS / WET-200
Rated Output Voltage Three phase four wire system
400 / 230 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Rated Speed 1500 rmp
Output Power 200 / 250 KW
Rated Power Factor 0.8
Rated Current 360 A
Start Time 3 – 5 s
Diesel Motor Brand / Model CUMMINS / MTA11 - G2A
Speed Regulation Method Mechanical
Power 234 / 257
Motor Type Turbocharged
Cylinder / Stroke 6 cylinder / 4 stroke
Displacement 10800 ml
Alternator Model WDQ-200
Rated Power 200 KW
Steady Voltage Adjusting Rate ≤1%
Transient Voltage Adjusting Rate ≤15%
Voltage-regulating System Automatic
Steady Frequency Adjusting Rate ≤1%
Transient Frequency Adjusting Rate ≤5%
Insulation Production Vacuum cast epoxy resin
Production Level IP23
Frequency Steady Time ≤3S
Voltage Steady Time ≤3S
Control System Control Panel LCD Control Panel
Start Method Manual / Automatic
Start Time 3 – 15 s
Function: When the place powers off accidently, the generator control system could detect power signal missing automatically and start to work (it could automatically start 3 times, if all failed, it will alarm then change to manual control). When the place recovery power, the control system could detect power signal automatically and shut off the generator.
General Devices Exhaust system, wire reel, emergency lamp, fluorescent lamp, extinguisher, grounding devices, copper bar or aerial socket, took kit, etc.
Optional ** GPS, backup camera.
** Alarm.
** Outrigger(if generator is heavy).
** Fold-out lamp.
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