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LPG Tanker Semitrailer(2-Axle)
35,000 Litres Propane Tanker Trailer
LPG Tanker Semitrailer(2-Axle)

LPG tank semi-trailer (also called LPG Tank Semi-trailer, LPG Delivery Trailer, Propane Tanker Trailer, LPG Tanker Semi-trailer, Mobile LPG Tank Semi-trailer, etc.) is used to transport liquefied petroleum gas, such as propane, liquid ammonia, dimethyl ether (DME), isobutene, etc.
LPG tank semi-trailer could be used as a mobile gas station after equipped with gas dispenser, LPG gas pump.
The material of LPG tanker uses a specialized steel for high pressure tanker, which is anti-corrosive and keeps a good stability at low or high temperature.
LPG tank semi-trailer is basically equipped with safety valve, emergency shut-off valve, thermometer, pressure gauge for the safety use. All tankers undergo a completely radiographic check to ensure maximum safety.

---- Nice shape, rational structure.
---- High class skeleton and tank material
---- High-intensity kingpin and landing gears
---- Axles are top Chinese brand FUWA or German brand BPW.
---- Tankers undergo a completely radiographic check to ensure maximum safety.
---- Massive, durable, long service life.

LPG Tanker Semitrailer (2-axle / 35,000 Litres)
General Vehicle Brand SPV
Overall Dimension 12500 * 2500 * 3950 mm
GVW / Kerb Weight 30,000 kg / 12,000 kg
Superstructure Transport For Mixture of Propane and Butane
Tank Capacity 35,000 Litres ( 9,200 gallons)
Tank Material Specialized steel for high pressure gas tank
Tank Thickness 12 mm
Design Pressure 1.77 Mpa
Working Pressure 1.61 Mpa
Design Temperature 60°C
Working Temperature -20°C - 50°C
Water Test 1.7 Mpa
Tanker Equipment loading & unloading system, manhole, drain hole, liquid level indicator, thermometer
Safety Devices safety valve, emergency cut-off valve, drain back system, pressure gauge
Kingpin 2” or 3.5”
Axles 2 axles, FUWA or BPW brand
Tyre 11.00-20, 11.00R20, 315/80R22.5
All other standard accessories: valve boxes, hoses, two cabinets for hoses, fire extinguishers, anti-static tapes, mudguards…
All our LPG tankers leave our factory with the appropriate certificate.
Optional ** LPG Pump, gas dispenser….
** Lift axles.

LPG Tanker Semitrailer - 2 axles - RB
Photo 1: Right back view of LPG Tanker Semitrailer(35,000 Litres)
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