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Fire Fighting Truck ISUZU
10 m³ Water Tank and 2m³ Foam Tank
Fire Fighting Truck ISUZU

Fire fighting truck (also called foam fire tanker, fire engine, fire apparatus, water foam truck, foam fire truck, foam fire tank truck, fire hydrant and fire water tanker, fire service truck) is a vehicle designed primarily for fire fighting operations - to extinguish fire efficiently to prevent fire spread, reducing the loss caused by fire maximumly.

Fire fighting truck can be divided into many types:

1. According to vehicle size, there are mini fire fighting truck, light fire fighting truck, medium fire fighting truck, heavy-duty fire fighting truck. 
2. According to chassis drive type, there are 4X2 fire fighting truck, 6X4 fire fighting truck, 8X4 fire fighting truck, and off-road type 4X4, 6X6 fire fighting truck.
3. According to chassis brand, there are ISUZU fire fighting truck, Dongfeng fire fighting truck,  Foton fire fighting truck, FAW fight fighting truck, Shacman fire fighting truck, sinotruk fire fighting truck, Mercedes fire fighting truck, etc.
4. According to fire agent,  there are water tank fire fighting truck, dry powder fire fighting truck, water/foam fire fighting truck.


---- ISUZU chassis, perfect performance.
---- ISUZU engine, super powerful; reliable performance, no overhaul within 100,000 km.
---- Nice shape, rational structure.
---- High quality fire pump.
---- Massive, durable, long service life.

---- 12,000 Litres fire truck carries 10,000 litres water tank and 2,000 litres foam tank

Fire Fighting Truck ISUZU (12,000 litres)
General Vehicle Brand SPV
Chassis Brand ISUZU
Overall Dimension 10150 * 2500 * 3500 mm
GVW / Kerb Weight 24,500 kg / 12,050 kg
Cab Cab Capacity 2+4 persons allowed
Air Conditioner W/ air conditioner
Engine Fuel Type Diesel
Engine Brand ISUZU engine, 6HK1
Power 280 Ps (206 KW)
Displacement 7790 ml
Emission Standard Euro IV
Chassis Drive Type 6X4, left hand drive
Transmission ISUZU gear box, no overhaul within 500,000km
Wheelbase/No. of axle 5100+1300 mm / 3
Tyre Specification 11.00-20
Tyre Number 10 tyres and 1 spare tyre
Max Speed 90 km/h
Paint Metallic paint
Superstructure Water Capacity 10,000 Litres ( About 2,600 gallons)
Foam Capacity 2,000 Litres (About 500 gallons)
Tank Material Carbon steel
Fire Pump Flow speed 60 L/s
Pressure 1.0M Pa
Fire Cannon Flow speed 48 L/s
Shot Water ≥ 60 m
foam ≥ 55 m
Suction Head 6 m
Hose High quality, wire strengthened hose, with cooper wire, anti-static
All standard accessories: Typical modern fire apparatus carries equipment for a wide range of firefighting and rescue tasks. These include  shovel, pike poles, axes and cutting equipment, halligan bars.…
Optional Ladders, floodlights…
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